Why Should You Own A Dog?

If you are still pondering over whether a dog is truly the best companion for you, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be sharing with you a list of reasons for why owning a dog will bring the best for you and your family members.

Dogs make you happier.

Playing and interacting with dogs is said to increase one’s serotonin and dopamine levels and are said to make you feel overall happier and more pleasurable due to your moments of fun with them. What better way to reduce stress than to have a furry companion at home with you all the time?

Dogs make you a better person.

Taking care of a dog is no easy feat; it takes a lot of time, dedication and responsibility. In fact, it can even be likened to the amount of effort and energy you spend taking care of a young child. As you do your best to ensure that your dog is well taken care of, you are also shaping your own character and becoming a more responsible, patient, empathizing and committed person. Of course if you are taking care of your dog with your family members such as children, it will also allow them to develop good personality traits such as these in the long run too!

You will become more physically healthier.

All dogs need outdoor time and physical exercising, no matter what breed, age or size they are. Being a responsible pet owner means spending more time outdoors with your dog. Even if it’s just as simple as taking a short walk with your dog daily, it will also contribute to your overall physical wellness and health. What’s not to like when you and your dog can reap the benefits of active exercising together?

You will be more sociable!

As you bring your dog outdoors, it is also important to know that socializing your dog with other dogs and humans will improve its overall well-being. By bringing your dog out to public places such as parks, beaches and cafes, you will definitely be spending more time with fellow dog owners and dog lovers as they talk to you about your dog, and you just might make lasting friendships.

They can be more alert than you are.

Dogs have a sharper sense of hearing and smell, making them more alert to threats that we as humans might not be able to detect. This makes them an ideal companion who will be able to warn you at times of danger such as in the case of a robbery, or even during fires.

With all these in mind, you should also consider if you are able to best provide for your dog, be it financially or emotionally. Taking care of your dog is a hefty investment, and it also requires one to spend as much time as possible to cater to your dog’s needs. It is important to ensure that you can make your dog feel happy, healthy and comfortable with you and your family.

After all, all dogs are unwaveringly loyal. As they will be providing you with the best they could, it is natural for you to potentially be the best dog owner you can be for them.

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