Who is “the Batman”?

Photo Credits: @uncle_khoe_k9 on Instagram

George Clooney, Ben Affleck or Christian Bale? We know who the best Batman is 😉

“I’m Batman” – Batman, chilling at the side, 2018

Batman is a lovable dog and the first pup I personally got to walk at Uncle Khoe’s! Although he’s shy with new humans, he’s very sweet once he gets to know you. He’s a calm and (usually) quiet dog, and loves to go out and chill outside. He will most definitely offer you a handshake (if he likes your food!)

While his best friend and brother, Spidey, was recently adopted, they were very close! His old roommate, Sparkle, is an energetic girl that loves getting active and she’s enthusiastic about everything, from training to playing with you! The trio used to be super close, always stopping to look out for the other on packwalks.

But with the new shelter move, now he stays with only Mei Chan, an endearing dear. After years, she’s just built up the confidence to leave the shelter grounds. Now, she’s even comfortable going outside and having fun! (with the company of her good friend Batman, of course) It’s been a huge change and heartwarming to see ☺️

Looking at how chill and relaxed he is now, it’s almost hard to imagine, but when he was first brought in, Batman was easily scared too! Going out of the shelter was difficult and almost terrifying for him. It took a lot of encouragement and work from the shelter’s senior volunteers to get him to slowly work up to leaving with confidence. Now he gets to enjoy his time outside with his friends, and loves relaxing in the fresh air after a good walk, and a few Batman-approved pieces of chicken!

While Batman may be a little hard to convince to train, when he finally learns a trick, it’s immensely satisfying. As he isn’t food-motivated, it takes a little more effort to entice him into learning! The volunteers from Volunteers Anonymous have suggested switching between different types of treats and lots of positive reinforcement, in order to keep his attention and engage him while training!

However, this also means he won’t be hounding you with puppy eyes each time he hears plastic crinkle 😉

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