Tommy: the friendly one

With his beautiful black eyes and friendly demeanour, Tommy is an adorable dog that  has won the hearts of people who meet him in the shelter. He welcomes the volunteers that handle him with much gusto-flashing his doggy smile, wagging his terrific tail, and occasionally mouthing people. Additionally, Tommy is easy to get along with. Although he may pull on his leash a lot especially when he is excited, he is still one of the easiest dogs to walk in the shelter (aside, of course, from the gentle Big Bobby) because he generally walks at a steady pace and is amenable to instruction.

While Tommy is not in good terms with a few male dogs in the shelter (as seen by his tendency to rush towards Rambo and Motor with signs of agitation), he has recently become friends with some dogs, namely, Max and Junior. Take a look at the picture bellow capturing the synergy that he has with his new buddy Max as both of them shake their paws simultaneously with one volunteer!. Isn’t that a delightful sight that melts your heart?

Undoubtedly, Tommy is very food-motivated- a trait that volunteers have leveraged on to help Tommy learn a whole repertoire of tricks. He is able to sit, lie flat down,  shake paws, spin, and is currently learning how to roll-over. As long as he is rewarded with food (especially his favourite chicken), Tommy is very eager to learn and perform tricks.

Overall, Tommy is a lovely dog, which would do well with a warm family that brings him for regular walks and shower him with much care and concern. He is available for adoption, so do visit our shelter to find out more if you are interested in adopting him.

(Update: Unfortunately, Tommy has recently passed away. We hope to keep this post in memory of him as well.)

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