The Big Move to Sungei Tengah

This June, Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter moved across the island, from Pasir Ris Farmway, all the way to Sungei Tengah in Choa Chu Kang! It was a tremendous change, and volunteers lent their cars (and a van!) to help transport the dogs safely over.

In preparation for the move, a few weeks were spent training the dogs to be comfortable with moving up and down staircases, definitely a brand-new concept to some of them. With the new shelter space located on the second floor with only a small lift, getting them comfortable with using stairs and not being afraid of lifts was a must. With a lot of gentle nudging and running up and down, most of the dogs built up confidence and a few months later, even Junior, one of the more hesitant ones earlier, bounds down confidently and lightning-fast to get outside!

While the new shelter space may be a smaller space for the dogs, with less natural sunlight for them to enjoy, UK9’s shelter volunteers have made the best of it, installing new fans for the dogs to escape the heat, and trying to bring them out more often!

However, some of our dogs, like Tommy, have been a little more than stressed with the new move and the new environment, and the volunteers have placed a little lavender oil on paper next to his space, for it to diffuse, and hopefully calm him down. It seems to help especially after coming back from walks, as he settles down more easily!

Our packwalks now take a slightly longer route, and we get to enjoy seeing open grass and waterways as well here, a good sight for tired eyes! Our volunteers still need to keep on their toes in the new environment though, as with new construction and building work going on, shattered glass pieces were found in the grass along the roadside we take the dogs down to walk out of the shelter. We try our best to keep the dogs safe, while also having them enjoy some good quality time outside!

With all of these new changes, we hope that all of UK9’s dogs will grow be able to feel comfortable and safe here as well. Adapting to change is difficult, but it shows how resilient our dogs can be! ☺

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