As Uncle Khoe says, “Till I can no longer walk, I will feed as many as I can, and help as many as I can, one at a time…” Here, at his shelter, we strongly hope to provide his shelter dogs with good and nutritious food, especially with simple fresh meat and vegetables. We want to ensure their health for years to come! Their diets are catered to according to each dog’s specific needs, even with special supplements for some! Help us continue to ensure their wellbeing and health by providing these pups with a good diet. No amount is too small!


“We are the happiest when we are making the greatest contribution.”

– J.F. Kennedy

Uncle Khoe’s K9 is not a registered charity nor recognized welfare group. Thus, the maintenance of our shelter goes solely by contributions from our key volunteers. We do not have fancy posters, logo or blog as all these are the efforts spearheaded by volunteers who have other roles in their lives and we do not have huge resources…

This is why we truly appreciate any form of sponsorship no matter how big or small the amount given! 🙂

In sickness or in health, Uncle Khoe has spent his time helping stray dogs lead better lives and by doing all he does at his age, the dedication he has is indeed commendable. Even when he was hospitalized for a mild stroke, he insisted on heading for his stray feeding rounds – to ensure that the dogs under his care would not go hungry even for just a day.

You may be wondering where the funds of your sponsorship goes to.

Currently, our shelter has 11 dogs and we also have efforts to re-home breeding dogs, save industrial mongrel puppies and feed industrial dogs that are still ongoing every day without fail. It’s not only the animals that we help – we help humans too. Uncle Khoe’s K9 Shelter also aims to help humans find their companion animals through education and adoption, and to teach the young to treat animals with care and kindness. We believe that these efforts will help to create a better understanding of rescued animals and help more rescued dogs find their forever home.

We do not have huge publicity on what we do, as again we do not have the time to update our blog daily and our expenditure in the shelter is constantly rising ( Relocation costs,medical care,….).Still, our spirit and faith to re home our shelter residents and numerous canines that need our help remains strong!

Jim Rohn once said “Only by giving are you able to receive more than than you already have”. Do you have a heart for adorable dogs? You too can do your part to help out in this meaningful cause! The main mode of payment is via internet banking. Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries on sponsorship, we will be more than happy to clarify your doubts.

SUPPORT us TO keep the shelter running