Sparkle – Our Resident Queen & Tomboy

“Look at my modelling work and skills!” – Sparkle 
Credits: @uncle_khoe_k9

To keep it short and sweet, Sparkle’s a boisterous and energetic dog with lots of love to give. When we volunteers come into the shelter and into her kennel area, she’s immediately bounding away at you and jumping in excitement!

Putting it simply, she loves going outside and loves running. While she does have a quite bit of strength, her enthusiasm for bounding out into the sun tends to inspire you too. 😃 Her favourite eye-candy would be chicken treats, while she helps to vacuum up leftovers of her fellow shelter mates, no questions asked!

Giving even more to love about her, she loves to learn. She’s one of the fastest learners in the shelter, and is really food motivated. Sparkle carries out rolls, spins, reverse spins, and jumping over small walls like nobody’s business! With dedicated time and practice she’d be a really fun partner to try training new tricks with.

She’s also a tough pup, with a distinctive battle wound from her spat with two other pups who don’t like her – but after awhile she shakes it off like its nothing! She’s still our favourite lovable ball of energy, while its sometimes hard to tempt her away from starting a new spat to prove herself again.

Sparkle would do well in a loving and active home, with lots of space to run and time to burn off her energy. She’d make a great exercise partner 😉, and has definitely taught us how to treasure the little things in life!

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