Quick Facts 1

Welcome to the 1st post of Quick Facts! In this category, we will be highlighting common myths about dogs and correcting by introducing facts about them. Literally quick facts, but yeah you get the idea. Of course if you know a myth and the truth about it, feel free to contact us with the subject “QF!” and we will add them to the next post of Quick Facts. We will credit you too! *wink wink*

Myth: “My dog is sick cause it’s nose is dry and warm!”
Truth: A dry nose does not describe a dog’s current state of health, it can turn wet and vice versa depending on the weather and humidity of the surrounding environment (often dry when it just woke up from snooze time). Bring your dog to a vet if it has a runny nose, build up of crust, breathing difficulties or any other sign of illness. Don’t even think about pouring water into the nose!

Myth: “My dog is happy/excited cause it’s wagging it’s tail!”
Truth: Happy, excitied, or friendly, but it can also means that a dog is nervous or displaying aggression. Take note of it’s body langauge and posture to understand the dog’s mood before approaching or assuming your dog is delighted. Pretty sure you will not like it if it starts biting you like how you eat steaks.

Myth: “Dog is colorblind!”
Truth: Dogs can see more than just black and white, but not is limited as compared to us humans. According to research, the color spectrum for dogs is somewhere between yellow to blue. Colors like red and green are not distinguishable by dogs, but they are not the same as humans red-green color blindness. Well at least now we know you can play Blue’s Clues with them good boys.

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