Paws up for Meichan!

Credits to @nuspawfriends on Instagram!

Meichan’s a sweet quiet girl, and she’s taken a place in our hearts as our resident grandma. She loves to relax in a corner and stretch out, and hang out with her best bud Batman.

The brightest smile you’ll see today! (; Credits to
@uncle_khoe_k9 on Instagram

However, this lovely girl has had a pretty tough beginning, up to the point where she wasn’t comfortable coming out of the shelter for years.

With a lot of dedication and perseverance by the team at Uncle Khoe’s, they’ve taken care of her so well, gently nudging her to dip her paw into the outside world, especially on her own terms. Slowly, she grew to trust humans more, even leaning in for more pats and love more often.

Look at those sweet soulful eyes…

When she finally dared step outside, it sparked a heartwarming transformation. From a stressed worrisome pup who wanted to hide away from the world, into to one that absolutely delights in seeing and sniffing the world outside to her heart’s content.

Meichan living it up with the cooling breeze outdoors! Credits to @nuspawfriends on Instagram.

Now she loves her weekly jaunts outside, and is always keen to stick with her backup buddy Batman.

Featuring: Batman’s leg, Batman’s tail, a happy Meichan! Credits to Chu Wei 🙂

With stories like these, it’s comforting to see the results of so many people working hard to take care of, acclimatize, and make comfortable animals that’ve faced a tough life on the streets, to finally enjoy a much calmer and safer life in shelter.

Especially with your support, shelters like us are able to keep up with the high costs to take care of these deserving pups. Like sweethearts like Meichan! (;

Credits to @nuspawfriends on Instagram!

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