Max, an energetic ray of sunshine

Photo Credits: @uncle_khoe_k9 on Instagram

Max is a bubbly dog who has been touching the hearts of every volunteer at the shelter. While he’s not often seen with the rest of his shelter mates, this is only because some of the other dogs do not seem to favour him in their pack, other than his chill and calm best friend, Bobby.

In fact, Max is a friendly dog companion to have. Just ask any regular volunteer who has brought him out on weekly walks, and you will know that Max often greets his human friends with excited kisses and a wagging tail. Having lived in a temple before he joined the shelter, Max is used to the presence of humans, and welcomes humans, be it the volunteers or strangers.

He is also extremely eager to please. As a result, Max has constantly impressed us with his intelligence, as he knows a wide range of tricks: sit, paw, left right, crawl, bunny hop and more. When Max is provided with any of his favourite homemade treats (chicken liver, anyone?), he gets into his usual posture of utmost concentration: his eyes shine, his pointy ears perk up, and he sits up straight with his eyes never leaving you and the treat on your hands.

However, his favourite hobby is not eating, but rather going out on packwalks outside of the shelter. In fact, Max is one of the most energetic dogs within the pack. While his furfriends walk, Max often gets into a jog or a short sprint as he is eager to explore his surroundings. On the other hand, Max is also very obedient, and while he might occasionally pull on the leash, he can slow down and compromise with the pace of a firm and confident handler.

During his packwalks, Max is also known to be one of the dogs who can hardly sit still at his resting spot. He gets excitement just from walking around and receiving the love of all the volunteers around him. Also, just to get rid of the heat, Max always lies himself down on the floor with his goofy smile, and demands for a good belly rub.

Back at the shelter, the volunteers take extra care of Max’s skin condition. Max remains cheerful and sporty even when his sensitive skin occasionally breaks out in itchy rashes and has to be treated with medicated sprays. Fortunately, his skin condition has improved, even though regular care and maintenance is still needed.

Overall, Max is an extremely lovable dog who adores both humans and dogs. He is always eager to make a new friend, preferably one who is as sporty as him. He will be a perfect companion for every family who needs a goofy new member.




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