Junior – the Most Handsome

From Junior’s big and almost wolf-like looks, you might first wonder if he’s aggressive or loud! But while he might have his spats with dogs he doesn’t approve of, he is still the sweetest with humans. He’s very friendly, excited to go out, and content to chill and nuzzle after a good walk. (His fur is also satisfyingly fluffy! But he does need fans to keep him cool in Singapore’s unrelenting weather.)

Did you know that some dogs’ fur can actually repel water, due to specialized oil glands and fur coat layers? They act as Junior’s raincoat! (Embarrassingly, this writer found this out when trying to cool him off from the heat by just pouring water on his fur, and most of the water just slid off and down to the ground.)

Junior is also very human, in the sense that – he’s scared of the dark. Even walking through a dimly lit corridor will still make him think twice. But with a lot of time, and slow exposure, he’s been working very well with his past fears now! We try our best to encourage him through it with happy voices and motivation, and we do accommodate his fears sometimes by simply taking a sunnier route.

Finally, he’s very ready to learn – he has his ears up, and paw out to you to “shake” your hand the moment he hears your food packaging crinkle, and keeps his eyes on you throughout! He’s very sweet, and eager to practice what he has learnt as well.

However, while he doesn’t mix so well with most other dogs in the shelter, the volunteers are trying to socialize him more to get him used to other dogs! But right now, he’s older and more mellowed out, so he tends to get less edgy with other dogs, especially once he’s tuckered out after a walk.

All in all, Junior is a very sweet boy, and he would do well with regular walks and an equally loving home for a very friendly dog! (And lots of chicken!) 😄

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