Bobby, our gentle giant

Ask any of the volunteers at the shelter, and they will tell you that Big Bobby is known as the big and gentle giant among the dogs at Uncle Khoe’s.

Bobby might look intimidating at first with its thick black coat of fur and larger than average body size, but don’t be fooled by his appearance.

At an estimated age of 7 to 8 years old, he is known to be extremely calm, gentle and friendly to both dogs and humans alike. This is despite the abandonment that Bobby had gone through. Having been a stray, he was handled over to the shelter by a National Serviceman for boarding after finding him at an army campsite, but the National Serviceman never returned for him.

Fortunately, everything turned out well as he is now showered with love at the shelter. Bobby has also made a new best friend, Max, whom he shares the same kennel with. While he gets along with most dogs, his calmer temperament makes him a perfect companion for the goofier Max, who will often invite Bobby for random moments of play.

At times, Bobby will still show moments of affection despite his usually calm demeanour, such as by planting kisses on the humans’ faces and by demanding for some comfortable butt rubs. He also walks calmly during packwalks without demanding for a jog, although he has occasionally been running short distances now due to his successful weight loss since last year.

Other than being calm, gentlemanly and occasionally affectionate, Big Bobby is also known for his love for food. He gobbles anything and everything up, and that includes the food from other dogs. As a result, the volunteers at Uncle Khoe’s placed him on a diet since last year, which has been relatively successful as his stamina had improved.

This also makes Bobby easy to train, and his intelligence is shown when he is able to carry out tricks such as sit, down, paw, jump and catch to impress his human companions.

Besides the need to take caution of his diet (just so he doesn’t become overweight), Big Bobby also has a strange dislike for water. While gentle most of the times, he is anxious when it’s time for baths, thus the need for a handler who will give him a bath patiently when it’s required.

Overall, Big Bobby has charmed everyone at the shelter with his gentleness and occasional showing of affection. He is the perfect epitome of not judging a book, or rather, a dog by his cover, and will be a suitable companion for anyone who wants a calm and friendly senior dog in their life.

(Update: Unfortunately, Bobby has recently passed away. We hope to keep this post in memory of him as well.)

2 thoughts on “Bobby, our gentle giant

  1. Fiona Elliott says:

    We would be interested as we are used to handling large dogs . We lost our exk9 adopted retired gentleman last year and are ready to find a new family member and Friend for our female dog mid sized 8 year old madame called pooja . We are experienced dog handlers and live in a dog friendly condo ,

    • ptasharani says:

      Hi Fiona!

      We’re really sorry about the late response, the student volunteers behind this blog have just finished our finals.

      With regards to Bobby, unfortunately we are sad to inform that he has passed on. However, we’re still excited to hear from you, as he still has many buddies looking for a forever home! You can contact‬ to find out more details if you’re interested, or take a look at our other dog feature articles. For more pictures, we can also be found at @uncle_khoe_k9 on Instagram.

      Hoping to hear from you!

      Best Wishes,
      NUS Pawfriends

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