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Thunder & Lightning, Oh So Frightening: Dogs & Thunderstorm Anxiety

Watching your dog freak out can be one of the most distressing things you can feel as a pet owner. With the monsoon season coming up, hearing about thunderstorms, potential festive fireworks and more may strum fear for both you and your beloved pet. Maybe they start pacing around more, whining and pawing at things, […]

Sparkle – Our Resident Queen & Tomboy

“Look at my modelling work and skills!” – Sparkle Credits: @uncle_khoe_k9 To keep it short and sweet, Sparkle’s a boisterous and energetic dog with lots of love to give. When we volunteers come into the shelter and into her kennel area, she’s immediately bounding away at you and jumping in excitement! Putting it simply, she loves going outside […]

Dogs & Happiness

Right now, much research supports our belief that our animals experience a range of emotions, from joy and love, to fear, despair and grief. In the Journal of BioScience, Marc Bekoff supports this, and is currently promoting more in-depth research into animal behaviours! Going even further, the journal Animal Cognition, has shown how dogs may […]