Uncle Khoe, a pleasant-looking old man well past the age of retirement, could not and would not retire. Instead of enjoying a similar lifestyle as his counterparts, he has devoted his life to the wellbeing of stray dogs in Singapore for more than 20 years. Even when he was hospitalized, he insisted on feeding the dogs that have trusted and relied on his companionship and love.

Being a stray feeder, he had witnessed the plight of many stray dogs in Singapore countless times. Being seen as a potential threat to the community, stray dogs were often taken to the SPCA, be put to sleep, or they might face the risk of becoming seriously ill or injured while roaming in the wild. Having no resources and opportunities, Uncle Khoe often felt helpless and despondent as he lost so many of the dogs he loved and cared for.

In September 2012, Uncle Khoe decided to bring his love for Singapore’s stray dogs to greater heights: Uncle Khoe, together with a group of like-minded volunteers, forked out their own expenses for the setting up of Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter. Despite the hardships of paying for the shelter and its operations, they persevered, hoping that they could help as many stray dogs as possible, one at a time, until there were none.

Since then, Uncle Khoe’s K9 has helped countless dogs by providing them with adequate food, shelter, safety, and most importantly with lots of love. Despite Uncle Khoe’s refusal for constant media publicity, his message of kindness and love for dogs has spread, and with the help of the volunteers running the shelter, many dogs have successfully found their forever homes.

However, Uncle Khoe’s K9 does not merely want to help our fellow four-legged friends—we will love to help humans too. Through education programs, volunteerism and other events, Uncle Khoe’s K9 aims to not just help humans find their companion animals, but also to educate children and other individuals in society that all animals ought to be treated with the respect, care and kindness they deserve.

Uncle Khoe has once said this: “Till I can no longer walk, I will feed as many as I can, help as many as I can, one at a time.” Despite being seventy-three years old, his promise to the stray dogs in Singapore has never wavered. We hope that you too will be inspired by Uncle Khoe’s touching promise and spread the love for stray dogs, one at a time, just like Uncle Khoe.